We care about environmental friendly heat in your home

Eco friendly warmth in harmony with the whole environment.
We are a manufacturer of high quality wood briquettes. A completely ecological product made of oak, and beech sawdust at an attractive price.

Many years of experience in the industry, constant development of technology and the ability to adapt to the needs of individual customers ensure our competitiveness on the national and European market of ecological fireplace fuel. We have our own transport facilities at our disposal, and the contracts signed with delivery companies guarantee effective deliveries of the offered products. We deliver ecological fireplace briquette directly to the customer, on time, quickly, safely and cheaply. Our products meets the highest German quality standards: – DIN EN ISO 17225-3 resulting in the DIN Plus 9H035 quality certificate. This is also confirmed by the Quality Certificates of the Wood Technology Institute in Poznań. We take an active part in various industry meetings, fairs and exhibitions, both local and regional.

Wood briquettes

Specially selected wood briquette of the highest quality, confirmed by the DIN Plus mark - The DIN PLUS certification system is designed to confirm the high quality of the fuel. Tests are carried out by DEKRA laboratories, and DIN CERTCO certification is an internationally recognised DIN, TUV, CE, etc. certification body.

Fire lighters

Perfect product to light a fireplace or stove. 100% natural, fully-sealed ionized wood pieces, with correspondingly reduced humidity. Packaged in a practical and compact way for convenient storage. It does not stretch the moisture.

Eco pellet

A high quality product, which we can guarantee by using our own sawdust, over whose quality and composition we have full control.