Dostawa paletowa na terenie Polski GRATIS!

100% environment friendly wood briquettes
for fireplaces and catering


100% natural wood

We are a proud manufacturer of high quality wood briquettes and catering fuel. Fully ecological briquette made of oak and beech sawdust is available at an attractive price. We also sell biomass in any form of wood including wood briquette for fireplaces.

years of experience

Certyfikacja DIN





DIN Certificates

For many years, our products have received the German DIN certification, which confirms the highest quality standards.


Our products meet the highest quality standards. This is confirmed by numerous certificates such as the certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene or the DIN plus certificate issued by DIN Certco, which is an internationally recognized brand certifying the DIN, TUV or CE mark. . Quality is also guaranteed by tests carried out in Dekra laboratories.


Check what our customers says about us. We try to deliver the best products by constantly developing our technology. The quality of the product delivered is recognized by many manufacturers, professionals and regular users of our products. We invite you to read the customer recommendations.


Our products gain recognition not only from our customers. They are appreciated in many prestigious competitions, among others by the World of Fireplaces.


We produce wood briquettes, which are certified, among others, by PZH (Polish National Institute of Public Health). It shows that our products have passed strict quality control. Thanks to this, we know that we supply you with the best and ecological products.

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